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I would like to take the time to thank you for visiting my website. I hope you have enjoyed my artwork and that it has inspired you in some way.

On this page I hope to keep you up to date with my current projects, and explain the meanings or history behind my artwork.  

All artwork is available to buy unless stated otherwise. Prices vary depending on the medium used and size of the artwork. All my artworks come with a Letter of Authenticity.  Anyone investing in my oil paintings should also know that each painting will be individually placed in a bespoke box to protect them in transit.  Packing & shipment charges will occur especially on my larger works.  The price that you pay for my artwork remains confidential.  Please read the Terms & Conditions which you can access through putting Terms & Conditions into the search box at the top right hand corner of my website.  

To view my artwork in my studio please telephone England 44(0)1249 712883 or mobile 44(0)7484501919 for an appointment, please do not withhold your telephone number or you may not be able to get through by telephone.  To contact me by email at -  Also available on Facebook - Teresa Deborah Ryle, Twitter @Deborahryle or Instagram Ryleteresadeborah, follow me for regular updates.


Hello to all those interested in my art.  Hope you enjoy my new painting of the Elephants inspired by the display in the American Museum of Natural History in New York, this is a 48" x 60" oil on canvas.  Other news which I am delighted about is that my Cheetah artwork is up and running in the Hamptons so please contact Mark Wilson for more information.  I'm ready to start a new oil painting which I can start over the next couple of days.  At the moment there is a detailed sketch of the interior of St. Patrick's cathedral in New York.  Any questions then please drop me a line and I will do my utmost to answer you and negotiate a price for an artwork with you. 


I am back from a brilliant visit to New York.  The Outsider Art Fair was wonderful and my Cheetah artworks have been left in the USA and taken to Mark Wilson's studio/gallery in East Hampton, all are for sale.  The highlight of my visit was the Art Fair and meeting Jerry Saltz who is a lovely man who insisted on having our photograph taken together in front of the Cheetah oil painting.  During my visit I gathered a lot of information and inspiration for more oil paintings which will be my American Collection.  For now folks keep warm during this cold snap in England and I will include new paintings on this site in due course. 



Happy New Year to all my visitors on this site.  2019 is a busy year for me as I will be contacting at least 50 galleries about my artwork, its taken quite some time to organise which are my favourite paintings and now I'm ready to send the pdf file off.  Don't forget to visit the Outsider Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York.  I'm currently working on an oil painting of Fabian and his groom should be ready shortly. 


Well its been quite an exciting week as I have parcelled up the artwork to go to New York tomorrow to Mark Wilson at Wilsonville where it will be exhibited at the Outsider Art Fair in New York from 17th - 20th January 2019.  Jerry Saltz has also given me recently a few shout outs on the oil paintings of Callum, the Black Nun of Moret (or should I say my version of) and this week of Durdle Door.  I've also been contacted by an Art Gallery in Austria which I have responded to as their enquiry as to whether I would be willing to participate in exhibiting with them at Art Fairs and Biennals, this is an exciting time right now, I'll post the results and let the people who are interested in my art know where they will be able to see it next!  On the artistic front I finished the oil painting of Southsea Pier and at present am painting a lovely Shire Horse by the name of Ben with his groom.  I also did an extra watercolour for the Art Fair of a Cheetah.  Will be posted on this site shortly. 


Matt Carey-Williams paid me a visit and had a look at the artwork as a result of discovering my work through Jerry Saltz.  Matt gave me positive feedback on my art and gave good advice.  He has a background with Sotherbys, White Cube and Blain Southern.  He also brought a jar of his home made jam! which is absolutely delicious.  I'm in the process of following Matt's advice and will post the results on this feed.  I have posted a lot of artwork on Instagram follow me to see the works @ryleteresadeborah.


Brilliant news!  Jerry Saltz gave me a good review on Instagram and as a result I have sold a painting to a lady in Texas.  Also I've been asked to reserve my Cheetahs artworks to be added to the Outsider Art Fair in New York in January, thats 7 artworks altogether.  I've also been asked by a gentleman who lives between London and Sandy Lane which isn't far from here if he can come over in August and see my artworks in person, I'm delighted.  There was also an art curator and historican that has been in touch.  All this is thanks to Jerry having faith in my art, I'm over the moon.  My ratings on this site also went up.  So should any of you wish to invest in one of my artworks then please get in touch we can negotiate.



Its been a while but now I have some good news.  The Co-Op is opening a store in Weatherfield, Coronation Street to be precise its a big advertising campaign and to celebrate because I am attached to the Co-Op who did an article in their magazine Lets Talk About Food about my art.  To mark this big spectacular for the Co-Op I have started portraits in graphite of the Coronation Street cast!  They will be added to this site quite soon. 

Now the news involves the young lads being rescued in Thailand.  Back in 2004 I did an oil painting of John Volanthan and Rick Stanton when if my memory serves me correctly both Cave Divers got through to Sump 26 in Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset.  I am sure with their expertise the youngsters in Thailand are in good hands.  Sadly I don't have this oil painting any more it was sold off along with a lot of my art including about 6 other oil paintings of Wookey Hole Caves including a portrait of Penelope Powell and Graham Balcombe.  I also did a couple of paintings of Cheddar Caves.  I am interested in the aspects of Cave Diving and would like to do another painting larger in size celebrating the caving that goes on not far from where I live now.  If anyone has seen the oil painting of  John & Rick please let me know as I have no idea who bought the Wookey Hole Artworks 10 years ago.  Also to my surprise a Dental Receptionist in Gosport recognised Rick Stanton on my way to getting the portrait framed.  Any news regarding my other artworks please let me know where and when you have seen the works.  Wookey Hole works include the Witches Kitchen, Witches Parlour,  The Cathedral Cavern, Into the Light and the two portraits of the divers from the 1930s and 2004.  Thank you in anticipation. 


This is a message for Dear Customer who tried to contact me last week on my mobile on 29/03/2018 from country code +882 phone number *******829 if you would like to call back we can discuss any artwork that you are interested in.  If there is no answer please leave a voicemail message on my mobile or answerphone on my landline.  If you would prefer to send an email via my contacts page then I will gladly respond.   Thank you. 


Hello again, its been a busy few months and my egg tempera painting of Malmesbury Abbey is coming along nicely.  A couple of evenings ago I almost had a call from South Korea, the call was cut short maybe the caller would like to call back and this time a bit earlier in the day.  I will be pleased to hear from you. I have also done a sketch in graphite of Sally, she likes the artwork and immediately bought it from me.  Anyone else like a portrait done then please contact me via the contacts page and lets get a portrait unique to you done, you will then have an original artwork along with Certificate of Authenticity.  Happy Easter everyone.


This month is quite exciting as there will be a 2 page spread in Letstalkaboutfood, called Art & Soul where my art will be featured nationwide, once I have a copy will photograph and put it on this site.  I'm also offering to draw portraits for a special Christmas present for someone special to you, each priced at £100 for an A3 drawing including postage and packing in the UK.  Contact me to discuss your requirements, I can draw the portrait in person or send me a photo as a guide to work from.  I am also welcoming to this site a visitor from Limerick, Ireland, hope you enjoy the paintings and drawings on this site and should you like the artwork then please get in touch.  Currently, I am painting in oils a portrait of my grandson Callum who is such a handsome chap, he does modelling so the bar is quite high for this one!  Thats all for now folks and remember I am just an email or phone call away should you wish to add an artwork to your collection.  



Hello to all my visitors to this site, ladies are outnumbering the gentlemen at the moment and a popular painting is in oils is "Why!" also welcome to a new visitor to the site from Egypt.  The portrait of Nick Knowles is currently under negotiation with an English gentleman.  I am also currently working on an oil painting of my grandson Callum, this portrait will be available in limited edition prints when finished.  Should you require any painting as a limited edition print please let me know so that arrangements can be made. 


I shall be taking part in the Peacock Arts Trail in Corsham as part of Corsham Art Society, two of my watercolours are for sale, the Swans at the Historic Dockyard and the Lion Cubs - both paintings are mounted and the sale price is £150 for each of them.  The trail is from the 30th September to 8th October.  Should you wish to buy either of these paintings or any other art from my collection here on site please go to my contacts page and send me an email, if you leave your telephone number I can call you to discuss the artwork in more detail. 


In next months edition of the Co-Op Letstalkaboutfood magazine available to the colleagues there will be a 2 page spread regarding my art, its all quite exciting, and a local housing association Sovereign has also taken an interest in my artwork and looking at prospective exhibition spaces.  In the meantime my customers are able to buy my artwork in the half price September sale, get in touch and let me know which artwork you would like to own.  I shall also have two small watercolours, one of the Swans at the Historic Dockyard and the other of Lion cubs available in the Peacock Arts Trail in Corsham.  Art will be available at St. Barts in Corsham come along and browse the work at the end of the month beginning of October.  If you would like to ask me any questions on my art then get in touch and we can have a chat. 



For the month of September I'm having a half price sale on all available artworks.  Let me know your choice of artwork and before you know it, it will be winging its way to you!


Hello everyone, just to let you all know that I shall be having a half price sale for the entire month of September so if you would like to take this opportunity to add to your art collection then please let me know, which artwork you would like or the choice you would like to reserve beforehand.  I'm also offering reduced rates for any commissions received.  Get in touch.



My computer recently crashed and now I have to bring it up to date, it has a new harddrive installed, so sorry for anyone trying to get in touch over the past couple of weeks.  Message for Derek, Skype should be up and running very soon.  The website and emails are now working so please get in touch expressing your interest everyone in any artwork you would like in your home or business or both.  All prices are negotiable.


I received an invite from Kingswood School in Bath to attend "Made in Kingswood".  I sent my RSVP and went yesterday evening and it was wonderful, I met some very nice people there, there was Prosecco, fruit juice and canapes in a marquee in the grounds, the students were receiving awards for their artwork and the standard of artwork and designs was astounding, of a very high standard, I am so pleased that I went.  There was a significant depth of knowledge of art being taught in this school and pupils although being taught the same curriculum were able to follow the development of their own ability.  Also their designs for furniture to bicycle racks were so inventive, Kingswood is a good school for pupils who are artistic, creative individuals.  I hope to be invited again.  I met some very encouraging people who appreciate the skills that the pupils show.



My recent oil painting is of Willow, just a small oil painting which I hope people will appreciate, my current oil painting which is somewhat bigger is of Brooke, I aim to complete this painting in the next couple of weeks.  Should you wish to commission me for a portrait then please get in touch so this can be arranged.  If you would like to suggest an oil painting to me as a subject just say what you would like to see and the size of the artwork you would prefer.   Very soon I shall be attending Kingswood School in Bath for the Art and Design and Technology Exhibition, this should be very interesting and it is lovely to have an invite.  I do have in my portfolio some larger oil paintings through drawing inspiration from the city, take a look, if they are too big for your wall space then please let me know and a limited edition print can be arranged.  Should you be in the neighbourhood and wish to view my artwork then please book an appointment with me, artwork can be bought directly from me in the studio if you wish, you will also receive a Letter of Authenticity and a signed invoice.  I look forward to meeting you.  


Welcome to my new visitors to this site from New York and Los Angeles, shipment of the artwork to the USA is no problem, also welcome to new visitors from London, Hemel Hempstead, Sunderland, Chipping Sodbury, Oxford, Sheffield, Edinburgh and not forgetting my home town of Borehamwood.  All prices of the artwork are negotiable or should you want a commission piece then please let me know and arrangements can be made for a unique artwork especially for you.  Have a good bank holiday weekend everyone including the Heavy Horse Show in Southsea this weekend, sorry that I'll be missing going there this year.  


Today I've varnished Adam's Apple and Moreton-in-Marsh oil paintings which are now ready for sale.  Give me a call if you would like to enter negotiations for either or both of these original oil paintings.  A couple of days ago I finished my version of The Black Nun of Moret which I have added to this website.



The Sunday Telegraph  -  has today published an article where I have a big mention through Artplode - "Undiscovered artists can win fame as a result says McCarthy: Teresa Deborah Ryle, a self taught naive artist from Corsham, Wiltshire, who markets her works on the site, was taken up by Jerry Saltz, the art critic of the New Yorker, who now champions her work." The link is


Sad news is that the Gainsborough painting "The Morning Walk" otherwise known as "Mr & Mrs William Hallet" was attacked with a screwdriver in the National Gallery in London on Saturday.  The culprit a man in his 60s has been arrested and charged.  The painting has been removed and no doubt will be undergoing repair.  Thomas Gainsborough actually lived for 8 years I believe in The Circus in Bath which is only a few miles away from me and it is believed that The Morning Walk is set in an area just outside Bath in Limpley Stoke which area has not changed since that time, its beautiful countryside around here.  There is also the Gainsborough Gallery in Bath which is worth a visit.  

At the moment I am working on Richard the Lionheart which is a London painting, its quite detailed but when finished I will add it to my collection of oil paintings on this website, so please keep a lookout for it on page 2.  All artwork on this site is being sold half price for the remainder of March.  Should anyone wish to buy an artwork then please let me know, a letter of authenticity will accompany the chosen artwork.  Should you wish to view my artwork in my flat/studio please email or telephone for an appointment.  



I am having a half price sale for the rest of March, get in touch to reserve your painting and enter negotiations.  Also news of a new painting of Richard the Lionheart in oils.



Payment options available are bank transfer please ask for details so you may buy an artwork this way, alternatively you can click on "Recommend" to the right of the artwork and this will take you through to the registration process and you will be able to pay by PayPal which is a safe and secure way to pay for the artwork you require.  


Currently painting King of the Beasts an oil painting.  I always try to challenge myself with the paintings as I feel this is the only way to improve.  Hope you all like my new paintings and if you are interested in having a print of a painting then please let me know.  The originals are still for sale.  Prints will be limited edition and signed by me.  As with the original paintings, prints will also be accompanied with a Letter of Authenticity.  Hope to see you soon.  Get in touch meantime and let me know what you think via the contacts page.  



Please check out my latest works added today.  A Stormy Sea at Seaton Carew which is an A3 pastel painting,  Jock the Silverback Gorilla at Bristol zoo which is an oil on canvas measuring 39" x 47" painting and the Sleeping Lions at Bristol zoo which is also an oil on canvas measuring 39" x 47" painting. All reasonable offers will be considered.  I have two more oil paintings in mind to get started on and will update this page soon.



Happy New Year everyone! lets make 2017 a good one.  



Last note of this year, wishing all who view this website a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year, lets make 2017 a good one! wherever you are in the world.



Titus is a very popular painting and now there are Titus T-shirts sizes from toddler to XL priced from £10 - £25 and also available Titus Tote bags £15 each, plus postage and packing.  If you want something a little different there are limited in number so get yours before they run out only 8  tote bags left and 12 T-shirts left throughout the sizes.  

Also I would like to offer my art on a pay by instalment basis, works can be reserved for the customer with a 10% deposit and a further 9 monthly instalments, ready in time for Christmas 2017.  Contact me for more details or enter negotiations for obtaining an original artwork from me.  



I would like to inform my customers from the USA that you are able to purchase my paintings in USA Dollars via bank transfer and the artwork will be shipped to you.  Alternatively in you are in the neighbourhood you may like to collect your selected artwork from me in person direct from my studio.  



When enquiring about an artwork please give the name of the painting which is on the website which indicates which artwork you are interested in, then I can go into more detail about the artwork which includes the size, medium used and what inspired me to do this particular work that you are interested in, and when your chosen artwork was completed.  On purchasing an artwork a letter of authenticity will also be sent to you.  I can also give you more details regarding the cost to you and how it will be shipped to you.  Remember too that I need your address to send the artwork and the details for bank transfer.  Any questions please ask.  At the last count I have over 400 artworks available and over 50 oil paintings too.  I look forward to hearing from you with your details and request for information regarding your chosen selection of work.



Available from 5th December Titus t-shirts toddler to adult sizes and canvas bags, order yours now to avoid disappointment.  Please call for details 01249 712883.  



Yesterday I added an original artwork of Kera, Salome & Touni the female gorillas at Bristol Zoo Gardens, limited edition prints will be made available upon request and the original oil painting will be for sale after varnishing in May 2017.  Also included is an original artwork cross stitch of Ben the Shire Horse, Ben is not framed or mounted.   Contact me via the contacts page or telephone to enter negotiations or to reserve an artwork including the recent oil painting of Kera, Salome & Touni.  

On 3rd December 2016 its Small Business Saturday and my studio will be open to the public, refreshments will be provided, please book a place at studio to browse the artworks or buy a painting/drawing or two as space is limited.  

May I also welcome visitors to this site from Rome and Pisa, you are very welcome, as are my visitors from London, Leeds, Bath & Bristol and many other towns and cities in England & Wales.  Contact via the contacts page to let me know what you think about the paintings or enter negotiations, I look forward to hearing from you.  



There have been visitors to this site from Germany for quite a while now which is lovely as I sold my very first painting in Germany back in 1978 to a local florist in Helmstedter Strasse, Braunschweig, and now also to say Herzlich Wilkommen to visitors in Vienna to this site.  I hope you all enjoy seeing what there is available and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 



Now the limited edition Christmas cards are ready, there are 50 cards in total £3.50 each signed cards, contact me should you wish to invest in one for someone special this Christmas.  Contact through the contacts page or give me a call with your details.