Rebellious Slave - POA

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Rebellious Slave 

  • Oil on 47" x 59" canvas
  • POA

Inspired by the sculpture of the same name by Michealangelo, and based on the drawing I did of same in 2009. I decided to bring the Slave to life in full colour with an added background featuring cyprus trees and roses. 

I have made a post - The Rebellious Slave - about the process of creating this piece on my wordpress blog, where you can see everything from the innitial underpainting to the final detailing of my process.

Mr. Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic at New York Magazine has said about this painting "Love this", "Don't know this artist but see her work on Twitter & really dig @Deborahryle.  Here after Michaelangelo "Slave"." "Keep painting strong! Such a great painting!"

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