About Me

About Me

Deborah was born in Hertfordshire, England and at an early age the family moved to Hartlepool for work where her parents went into business having 3 shops in the town and Deborah was educated at St. Josephs Convent where there is an influence on some of the more Renaissance style artworks.  Deborah also lived in Germany for nearly 5 years where she sold her first oil paintings in Braunschweig for DM50.  Deborah worked as a secretary for about 30 years until she decided to go it alone with art with Job Centre encouragement and now Deborah is a nationally and internationally recognised artist and is established artist since 2003, working mostly in oils she also has available watercolours, pastels, drawings and prints.  

I have enjoyed drawing, painting and generally being creative from an early age. I painted my first portrait when I was 15 years old, of my Grandfather.

In the early 2000's, I became a full time professional artist, starting up while I lived in Somerset. I then I moved to live in Portsmouth, where I took inspiration from the local area, along with my visits back to Somerset. I now live in Corsham, in Wiltshire, where I continue to draw inspiration from my local area, often sketching and painting in popular locations within the town.  

A favourite subject of mine is the landscape, and much of my landscape artwork looks to traditional styles of art, and uses subjects which are recognisable to the local area. Further inspiration is taken from the great Renaissance artists, their paintings, drawings and even sculptures, which I turn into paintings of my own to give them some life. Another favorite subject of mine is wildlife - particularly big cats, which provide me with extra challenges - especially local British wildlife and Equestrian subjects.

Some of my artwork is now in the Royal Collection, owned by Her Majesty The Queen, which I am absolutely delighted about.

I am largely self taught, though I have attended a few supplemental art classes over the years. My paintings and drawings are recognisable and this for me is essential in my art, as I strive for recognisable likenesses. I use a wide range of media, though most particularly oil paintings on canvas and wood panel. I also work in watercolours, pastels, graphite, sepia and coloured pencil drawings, and I also have a number of prints taken from my etchings. 

I have also painted some stage sets at Groundlings Theatre Company in Portsmouth where I volunteered a few years ago.  

Comments on my art are welcome, and I am available for commissions. Almost all the artwork on this website is for sale and if there is anything you would like to see added to my collections, please let me know via my contact page. 

My aim is to travel much further and broaden my artistic horizons.  

My work has also received very favourable responses from Mr. Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York Magazine on social media Twitter & Instagram and has also expressed his like for my work in a private email.  Such comments as "Keep up the GREAT work".  For "Florence & Pisa and Menlaus holding corpse of Patlaus" Mr. Saltz says "Really like both! You have something strange, dazzlingly out-there; keep going" and the Madonna & Child meets with his approval "It does very much".  This I am really pleased about Mr. Saltz's opinion means a lot in recognition of my artwork.

I'm a member of the local art society here in Corsham and I also have work listed with Artplode, details of my work can also be found on the Wiltshire Web and in an online publication in New York with Basak Malone.

Any questions then please contact Deborah at The Ryle Gallery for more information.

Contact Deborah on +44(0)1249 712 883 - if you are calling from a withheld number please dial 141 before the telephone number so that you can be connected.  Visitors to the site from outside the UK please send email through the contacts page or call on the mobile number +44(0)7484501919, thank you. 




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